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To join the HBC you must be referred. You can either refer yourself or be referred by the Public Health Nurse.

Our Healthy Baby Club phone line is 709-861-4156

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Baby Girl : Claire Delphine - Born to Stacy Patey and Steven Plowman of Port Saunders, birth weight 8lbs 8oz 

Baby Boy Trevor - Born to Brooke Atkins and Sammy Hoddinott Jr of Hawkes Bay, birth weight 8lbs 8oz.

Baby Boy : Ty - Born to Trinda Hamlyn and Jonathon lavers of Port Au Choix , birth weight 8lbs 2oz. 

Baby Boy : CJ - Born to Ashley Baggs and Clifford Dobbin Jr of Port Au Choix, birth weight 10lbs 8oz 

Baby Boy : Blake - Born April 18 , 2018 to Nikita and Dylan Murrin of River of Ponds, birth weight 7lbs 7oz. 

Baby Boy : Oliver- Born April 12, 2018 to Brianna Kennedy and AJ Rumbolt of Port Saunders , birth weight 7lbs 15.5 oz.

Baby Boy : Skyler - Born March 31 , 2018 to Shantelle Mclean and Mick Myers of Eddies Cove , birth weight 8lbs .

Baby Girl : Sadie - Born March 28, 2018 to Jennifer and Blair Reardon of Port Au Choix , birth weight 7lbs 4oz.

Baby Boy ​: Luke  - Born March 15,2018 to Abby Scanlon and Aaron White of Bartlets Hr , birth weight 8lbs 1oz.

Baby Boy : Jimmy James  - Born February 6, 2018 to Rhonda Martin and Ryan House of Hawkes bay , birth weight 8lbs .

Baby Girl : Kaycee - Born January 12 , 2018 to Jeannette and Andy lawless of Eddies Cove , birth weight 9lbs 7oz.

The HBC is a free prenatal program offered to pregnant mothers and their family and friends. It promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering information, support as well as food supplements.

Discipline : Vol 1 Babies, Vol 2 Toddlers , Vol 3 Preschoolers..

Childhood Nutrition : Vol 1- Feeding Your Baby , Vol 2- Young Children Eating Right, Vol 3- Healthy Habits for Kids..

Baby's First Spoonful : Tips for Starting Solids..

I'M Not a Baby Anymore : Tips for Feeding Toddlers

Age-Appropriate Play : Vol 1- The first 12 Months , Vol 2 - 12-24 Months , Vol 3 - 2and 3 year-olds..

The Happiest Baby on the Block : Calming Reflex , Crying and Sleep..

The Happiest Toddler on the Block : Stop Tantrums and Raise a Happy Child ..

The 5 Essentials: Of Successful Parenting.

Massage : You and Your Baby

The DAD difference : Vol 1 - Baby Basics , Vol 2- Involved from the start

SOLVE -Parent problems - The Toddler Years

Our Growing Family : A Story for Brothers & Sisters

​​Fetal Development : A Nine Month Journey

The Stages of Labor

Preterm Labor : Reduce Your Risks & learn the Signs

Mother and New Baby Care: The first two weeks

Planned Cesarean

SIDS: 7 Steps to Reduce the Risk of SIDS

FASD : One Drink Won't Hurt My Baby

Creating a Smoke-Free Environment

Postpartum : From pregnant to parent

Heartache and Hope : Living through postpartum

Breastfeeding : Go with the flow

Breastfeeding : You can do it

Breastfeeding : What's a Dad supposed to do?

Dr Jack Newman : A Visual Guide to Breastfeeding

Teen Breastfeeding : The Natural Choice

Pain Management for Childbirth - Vol 1 & 2

Mother and New Baby Care

Understanding Birth

Understanding Breastfeeding

Footprint on our Hearths : How to cope with Miscarriage

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What is Healthy Baby Club?

  • Friendly Support
  • Home Visits
  • Tips On Nutrition
  • Food Supplements
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Prenatal Education
  • Group Sessions
  • Public Health Nurse Support
  • Resource Library
  • Nutritional Supplements